Robopac Sistemi provides a comprehensive and professional after-sales service, assuring assistance and maintenance worldwide . From the moment of purchase, the customer of Robopac Sistemi is supported in all stages of operation by technicians and commercial consultants with high competence and professionalism.

Robopac Sistemi guarantees an effective and immediate service, minimising the downtime of the machine, thanks to the following services:
 -  videoassistance & remote service
 -  an efficient spare parts service
 -  maintenance
 -  upgrade of their machines
 -  specialised courses onuse and maintenance of its products
A highly specialised service and prompt diagnostics are also available with the "remote on-line”.

Robopac Sistemi has an automated spare parts warehouse to which orders may be placed via the website, checking the availability, price, traceability of the order and delivery. The complete spare parts catalogue is also available in the dedicated area of the website.
Upon request, it is possible to request the dispatch of spare parts in 24 hours.

The customers can agree with Robopac Sistemi customised plans for scheduled maintenance and extraordinary maintenance of our machines and schedule upgrading schemes of existing equipment and their compliance with the standards in force.

It is possible to organise customised courses on the use and maintenance of the machines produced by us for the mechanical and electrical part at our SERVICE ACADEMY.

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