Automatic system for covering the upper surface of the pallet.

Available in the version Top Inside version integrated in the structure of the machine to obtain a cover against dust and water, or in the Top Outside version with independent structure, to be able to achieve a dust-proof cover.

Top Inside

Covering device integrated in the structure of the machine

Allows you to make an airtight waterproof or dustproof protection of the palletised load.
The device is housed inside the mobile structure of the Genesis machine, the horizontal movement is controlled by means of the machine's inverter to increase its speed.
Film cutting is carried out by means of a cutting blade to ensure a perfect result without producing harmful fumes.
The electric control is integrated in the electric cabinet of the wrapping machine.

It is possible to install the optional hoist attached to the winding machine's structure for easier reel replacement.

Top Outside

Independent covering device

Independent structure device for covering the top of the pallet for protection against dust.
The top of the pallet is covered with the pallet in motion.
The covering reel is positioned perpendicularly to the direction of the pallets.
The device has electrical system integrated with the wrapping machine and is located on an independent infeed roller conveyor.

An electrical crane system (optional) attached to the structure of the top is available for easier reel replacement.
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